Top 10 World Robots!

[fusion_text]The New Scientist magazine has announced the top ten of the world’s top engineers. In the following, you can see the list with a brief description of them.


10. Qrio Robot, Dual Dancer


This is a small, curious little 55 cm tall Sony product. This humane robot is famous for the direction of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra with the Beethoven Symphony, followed by navigation and skating and dancing.


9 – Roomba and Roomba home robot


The University of Mass. Tech of Massachusetts finally brought home-made robots to the Roomba and Scooba vacuum cleaner robot. It’s a small and inexpensive robot for less than $ 200.


8. Self-replicating robot


In 2005, researchers at the Cornell University in New York created the first robot that was able to make copies of itself. The robot is made up of small blocks that can be separated and rejoined with a magnet.


7. Spherical guard robot


This robot is designed to detect and report disturbing people in Sweden. The robot was originally built on a model that was considered for identification on other planets. There is a hanging pendulum in this robot controlled by an engine. Moving the pendulum to the front makes it light. The pendulum swing to the left or right will cause steering and rotation in these directions.


6. Aibo Sony Robotic Dog


The four-legged robot is capable of walking, sitting, lying down, cheering and other things like a real dog. When it was first released in 1999, it was sold in 20 minutes, and in 2002, hundreds of thousands of people owned a robotic dog like that.


5. Autonomous stanley


The car was designed at a Stanford University competition. In October 2002, he won the $ 2 million bonus for rallying unmanned cars. Stanley uses a Volkswagen body, and also has four laser spacers, three cameras, a radar and a gyroscope inertia sensor to track its seven computers, the Pentium II Board and GPS.


4- Asimo


With 130 centimeters in height and 54 kilograms in weight, the first female robot is like a human. The latest model can walk 6 km at an hour. It can circle around a circular path and move on to zigzag movements. The initial model in Tokyo in 2005 was to guide the guests to the meeting room and give the coffee service a push-pull of a 10 kg carriage.


3. NASA Rover


The four NASA riders roam about 600 meters in the first 90 days on Mars. But so far, it has been on Mars for more than a year and has traveled about 12 kilometers.


2. Very small robot remote control


In September 2005, the California Research Center at Berkeley University built a robot that is also thinner than human hair. Made of silver silicon with a thickness of one hundred millimeters. The robot looks like a remote control car. And it can move on a flat surface in any direction. Its speed is 200 micrometers per second. This robot can move dust particles by pushing.


1. Ecobot flies flying robot


This robot was made at the University of West Anglia. The goal of the robot is to send hazardous areas to check for contaminated particles or military spyware. This robot, since it is far from human beings, must be able to supply its own energy. This robot produces electricity by eating flies and digesting them in a special cell. The robot attacks small flies and dupes them with a human-like substance.[/fusion_text]

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