The robotic snake moves to climb the ladder [watch]


Snakes and Ladders were previously a requirement of a popular board game,

But now they become an integral part of our future Dystopian!

The future of controlling everything in the hands of robots. Creative Robot Builders,

Until now, various robot models have been developed, their pioneers,

The Boston Dynamics Company, which was previously a robot

Unveiled that they can turn their back, or flip barriers like Parkour professional athletes.

Now, researchers at the University of Kyoto and the Tokyo Electronic Communications University in Japan are new robots

Designed to look like a snake and can climb up the ladder with a twist. These researchers

During the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems,

They unveiled their robot. The motto of the conference is “Going forward to the robotic community.”

The future of the anti-terrorist system, in which humans are continually attacked by the army of parkour work robots and climbing snakes.

This Robot Snake, unlike humanoid robots, can do a variety of different types

The movements are deformed. Robot Snake by a computer and a PlayStation Console controller

is controlled. The robot rises with a twist from the ladder. Robot maker researchers said that

Their robot moves through a series of simple shapes. Slots like joints in one

The skeletal muscle or pectinal muscles in the heart that are embedded in this robot can be transformed into a robot.

While the snake robot is not as great as the MIT’s Cheetah,

But it can, in difficult situations, when various catastrophes from earthquake to flood occur into spaces

Which human beings can not access and help the victims.

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