In the future, only three jobs will be safe!

Robots have the ability to work in most businesses; there are currently only three jobs
It requires more time and technology for the presence of robots. In the following

Introducing these three jobs with us. One of the experts in the field of artificial intelligence

“In the future, a lot of jobs will be done by robots, and the owners of all occupations are at risk.”

Losing their jobs. Plumbers, electricians and nurses are the only jobs

Who can currently work in their previous job.

An American writer, Martin Ford, warned in his best-selling book on robots that he was in

In the near future, people will not be able to compete with machines in any area. Vice President

British Labor Party, Tom Watson, announced that robots are a guarantee for the country’s job prospects.

Because the British people do routine and boring things.

در آینده تنها سه شغل از وجود ربات ها در امان خواهند بود!

Ford in his most recent book, The Emergence of Robots: Technology and Complications from the Future Without Jobs

Warns that humans can not be pleased with the AI revolution.

He said in a conversation with Daily Star Online, people are only safe at work

There are skills such as hand coordination, eye and flexibility, so you have to

Think of jobs like plumbing and electrical work, as well as nursing jobs as needed

Care and empathy with the patient, who is an innovative business, is currently present for a longer time

Robots are safe.

در آینده تنها سه شغل از وجود ربات ها در امان خواهند بود!

Watson also said, “Sometimes we may feel we’re getting ready for the world.”

Where algorithms, artificial intelligence, and automation are hard and humane

And all of our dimensions are our society and our economy, and this is a scary outlook for the future.

Watson said that by delegating routine and tedious tasks to 21st century machines, the time

Humans will be released for work with high economic benefits. He also added people to the presence of robots

Do not be afraid of the future.

Source: Gadget News

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