Definition of Robotics in Wikipedia

Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering,

Electrical engineering, computer science and a few other fields. Robotics includes design, construction,

Startup and use of robots [1], as well as computer systems, controls,

Sensor feedback and data processing are also included in this group.

These technologies are used to upgrade machines to replace human beings.

Robots can be used in any position and for any purpose, but today many of them are

In hazardous environments (such as detecting and disabling bombs), production processes or locations

That humans are not able to survive. Robots can be of any shape and shape

But some of them are designed to look like a human. Called

This is due to the behavior of these robots, imitated by ordinary people.

More accepted. The humanoid robots are trying to walk, talk,

Knowing and especially immitating anything human can do. So many robots

Nowadays, inspired by nature, they are placed in the zone of emblematic robots.

The idea of ​​creating machines that can work automagically returns to old times

But basic research is about the application and potential use of robots to the century

Twentieth was not done [2]. Throughout history, it has been repeatedly noted that one day

Robots can imitate human behavior and do things in the same way as human beings

Do . Today, robotics is a sphere of science with rapid growth. As the continuation continues

Technological advances; research, design and construction of new robots serving the purposes

Numerous actions are carried out in the home, industrial and military fields. Most of the bots

To do dangerous jobs for people, like working in

Undo bombs, find survivals under unstable rubble, mine or search

Sunken ships.

Robotics is also used as a training goal in a multitude of science, technology, engineering and maths.

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