ICS stands for Innovative and Creative Student, an innovative and creative student. This competition will be held in the fifth year in 1997 with the motto of a happy and creative family with the support of active institutions in this field.

The ICS Robotic Race Championship is the most prestigious tournament in Iran, which is in line with international robotics competitions. In the tournament, several thousand people compete annually, and the selected players will be selected to be deployed to the ICS International Championship. For information on the rules of participation in the tournament, as well as registration in the tournament, you can go to the official website of the tournament and also to attend the secretariat of the tournament. The tournament is held annually in several different leagues where enthusiasts of each of these areas can participate in one or more leagues.

Participating in the nation’s most successful robotic tournament

  Each year, hundreds of schools run in different age groups at the ICS robotics tournament, and students from these schools compete. Participants who participate from all over the country will be promoted to international competitions if they win rankings. To be proud of our beloved country in global competitions.

Number of participants in the last round of matches
The number of top rated top projects
The number of schools participating in the last tournament

Coverage of ICS Robotics Matches

Each year, it covers the importance of competitions and the number of participants in various media competitions. The contests are attended by media outlets at any time by the mass media and broadcast news on a wide scale. Continue coverage of the fourth round of matches.


Registration in the fifth round of the tournament

The fifth round of competitions will be held with the participation of students and schools from across the country in March 1396, and enthusiasts will be able to participate in this competition by registering on the tournament site and after reviewing the secretariat of the tournament. It should be noted that the eligibility conditions should be at most up to February 15th this year, fill out the registration form and send it to the secretariat. The registration confirmation by the secretariat of the tournament will be notified to each group and other coordination will be made with the authorities.

Registration of the tournament

Review the registration process

Registering in matches with different stages, you can see the registration process in the chart below.

                                             Latest News

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Sponsors of the fourth round of competitions

The fourth round of ICS contests is held with the material and spiritual support of various institutions and organizations. The main concern of the sponsors of the tournament is the development and development of the education sector as well as the development of technology in pursuit of the goals of the knowledge economy and supporting new ideas and projects. The pursuit of social and cultural projects in the form of technology development, as well as the growth of skills and skills in different age groups, are the objectives pursued by the tournament and sponsors of the plan.

Contact with the Secretariat of the tournament

You can contact us to track the registration issues or to know the latest changes in the tournament.

  • Secretariat address: Tehran – Sa’adat Abad – Eastern Ceder – No. 49
  • Secretariat number: 22369318 – 22085165
  • Website address: www.ics-robotics.com
  • Telegram: Icsrobotics @

Frequently Asked Questions

Each group can be two or three
Each group can participate in one of four league races with one registration
After entering the registration key, you will be logged in to the technical complex of Tehran and the registration section. In this section, each member of the group will register separately to contact the committee after reviewing the competition.
Through the site of the Technical Complex of Tehran and online, the registration fee is paid individually
After registering and reviewing the competition committee, our experts will contact you in the next steps
At the site of the central building of the Tehran Technical Complex in Sa’adat Abad, Tehran